Tuesday, November 13, 2012

She oughta be in pictures…

and she is.

Here is the latest school photo of our majestic monkey. Her “Princes” were very worried about how she’d compose herself in front of a photographer that hasn’t had a gallery showing in years. Having lived with the paparazzi constantly by her side since birth, she tends to now avoid the camera. Unless, of course, there is proper lighting, hair and make-up on stand by and her rider is completely adhered to. We can understand her approach. She not only has to live up to expectations of those who follow her, but she must always present herself in a manner that will instruct and inspire her fans to live with a “touch of grace.” God forbid she be caught in an unflattering pose or in a situation that could compromise her reputation.

If you only knew the pains we went through to get her to sign off on public use of a photo that wasn’t the most flattering. Now, many of you have seen this photo in the past, and we had previously received a verbal reprimand for using it as a Christmas card two years ago. So when an advertising agency contacted us to use it for Sears / Kenmore’s national holiday campaign, we had to promise her another pony. It’s sad to know that her normal fee will barely cover the boarding & handler fees for only two years – the things she does for her equestrian friends.

Here is a copy of the finished ad - these will be in the December issues of the following:
Please know that the agency will be setting up a magazine signing in Times Square mid-December once we return from her birthday extravaganza.

We will be sending out special invitations to many of you that will allow you into her VIP reception. Please note, flowers and chocolates are greatly appreciated.