Friday, August 8, 2008

Year of the Rat, Month of the Monkey, Day of the Dragon (08/08/08)

On this day of great celebration and joy, the eight day of the eight month, on the eight year of the century, in the state of California, we spoke the words and performed the legal rites which united our lives and affirmed our love.

On this day, we pledged to honor our vibrant love, to nurture and protect it. Our lives enriched by our unique traditions, will embody trust, constancy and compromise. We will cherish each other, meeting life's trials with quiet strength and courage, and embrace life's blessings with wonder, joy and laughter. We will grow as individuals and delight in an elegant freedom borne from mutual respect. May there be peace in our home, may we be blessed with good fortune, health and happiness and may our devotion to each other ennoble us.

Yours before we met, mine before we touched, ever lasting from the start...Our love is meant to be.


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