Sunday, March 9, 2008

One down... two more to go.

Wow… I have so much to catch you all up on. Last Saturday, we had the first of our three “Homestudy” reviews take place. We made arrangements to meet with our social worker, Justine, at Starbucks located within a Barnes & Nobel just outside of the city. We were extremely nervous but were calmed when we were informed that this would be more of an informational type of meeting. What to expect from the agency, the forms that needed to filled out, what we need to put in our autobiography, etc. No biggie… right?

We arrived at the bookstore early than planned, so we headed to the adoption/parenting section to browse through some books. That’s when we found “ And Tango Makes Three” [see posting below].

Once it was time for our appointment, we headed to the semi-crowded coffee shop and instantly knew whom we were to meet. There sat Justine with a smile on her face and an expression of shear joy for the work that she does.

After we got introductions out of the way, and the logistical issues that we needed to collect/take care of, the conversation flowed to how we met, why we chose adoption as the route to start a family (versus surrogacy), what our individual strengths and weaknesses are, what the strengths and weaknesses of our relationship are, discussions about our families and the overall views of adoption, our stance on parenting and religion, and anything else that you may find on a episode of “In Treatment” on HBO. About halfway through the conversation, we could sense that everyone in the coffee shop realize what the three of us were discussing and the room seemed to go silent… which was slightly embarrassing when at one point the subject got a little emotional and tears started running down our faces. Thank God for crying children (that will be the one and only time that I say that) because its broke up the attention on our, and placed it on the table behind us.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon. We’ll be doing our home inspection towards the end of April / beginning of May, and spending the next couple weeks getting our portfolio ready.

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