Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've Got a Golden Ticket

When Kensington heard that there may be a possible "Willy Wonka the Musial" joining the Great White Way, she started vocal lessons immediately to prepare for the role of a lifetime... Violet Beauregarde. Her publicist, yours truly, already started the marketing campaign to ensure that she's the front runner in the competition. For those of you not familiar with the role of Violet (let me start off by saying 'shame on you'), in the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka invents a gum that is a three-course dinner: tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie, all of which Kensi has been eating nonstop to mentally prepare herself. Wonka warns Violet not to chew it, but she argues that she holds the world record in chewing gum and begins chewing it anyway. She claims it is amazing, but when it reaches the blueberry pie her face begins to turn blue. Soon her entire body turns blue, before expanding like a balloon being blown up and then becoming similar to a large blue ball. Willy tells the Oompa Loompas to roll her to the juicing room to be squeezed of the blueberry juice that had built up inside her. Again... the perfect role of our lil diva.

In order to get into character for her audition, Kensington decided to do some in-depth research, so with auntie Cathy and Uncle Kyle, she headed to Princeton to a Blueberry Festival this past weekend.

We were extremely disappointed upon our arrival to find out that Kensington didn't meet the age requirement to pick blueberries... which wasn't terribly that bad as all of the blueberries were picked the day before from the crowd that attended on Saturday. But we were able to see them in little wooden containers in the store. The sad news is, as we were getting out of the car, Aunt Cathy clearly stated that nobody in the vehicle would be to purchasing blueberries from the festival - - she just went to Costco and bought several pecks. That is what I call a blueberry buzz kill!

So, we ventured off to visit the horses and the goats, along with the geese and the chickens. While only 6 months old, she did enjoy petting the animals and took hold of what, thank God, turned out to be the most mild-tempered farm cat we've ever seen. She grabbed her by both hands and clamped down for her life. She wouldn't left go. When we were finally able to release her grasp, two huge tuffs of hair came with her [note to self... keep Kensington away from Gossip for the next coupe of years].

As you can see from the pictures, Kensi still has a revulsion for socks. It's something we're working through (at $20 per copay for the counseling sessions).

If she doesn't get the part, hopefully she can at least play the third Oompa Loompa from the left. It's still worthy of SAG points.

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C.I.W. said...

that IS a blueberry buzzkill.. Aunt Cathy.. being all cost concious.. boooo


Looks like you all had a fantastic time!