Sunday, July 5, 2009

Protect those precious little baby legs!

BabyLegs has grown from one mom’s diaper bag essential to an essential product for all. They began as a solution to keep little legs warm, and now the uses are endless!

Now that our little chickpea is mobile, we needed something to kept her knees protected while crawling, and provided sun protection when we go outside on the back deck. These kneecap savers, which we found at Cinderella's Closet, were the perfect fit. After looking up the company online, we noticed that tons of places around the country offer these. You can find a retailer close to you by clicking here. Kensington loves her rainbow BabyLegs... and they go fabulously with her rainbow onesies that we found at Gymboree.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I've been seeing these around a lot lately on other blogs. They are cute, and I never thought about the use for crawling. Very true.

Oh, and this is quite early notice but I'm having a baby/little children month all September long if you want to check out some new products!


dana said...

Look at that mobile baby! We LOVE Babylegs. We have the same rainbow pair that Kensi is sporting. It's, unfortunately, too hot around here to wear them now, though. I love that they fit almost any kid. Luca wore Matteo's during late winter/early spring here in FL. We'll be pulling ours out again as soon as the weather allows.