Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"One more time, papa!"

Here in the Poconos - well, the Northeastern coast is more like it  - it has snowed like crazy for the past two evenings; causing both schools and offices to be closed.

Rescheduling meetings and turning face-to-face interactions into conference calls, we've bundled up in our long johns, robes and slippers and have tried to avoid going outdoors. That's is until our munchkin screams, "Snowman, papa, snowman!"

Layering ourselves up, we head outside (during our lunch hour... I have co-workers reading this:) with sled in hand and all the supplies we need to build a snowmanchuy. It wasn't our best attempt to create our own Frosty, but it was our first. The snow was more powder the first day and then turned into more icy / crunchy last night, which is when we should have built it. 30 seconds after building it, the head fell off. Poor thing. Hopefully we'll have better luck next time (and if the weather stays as planned, that day won't be that far away).

Here is a short vid of us headed down the drive way. We're still trying to figure out the video aspect of our new Canon. [Has issues uploading the snowman vid, so I'll work on uploading that one tomorrow]

Here's a quick page that I did with some of my favorite pics.

To download this QP (Christmas's Angels by Thaliris), click here. I love her work and am constantly going to her site to buy her kits. Because I wanted additional pictures in my piece, I added a winter wonderland frame that can be downloaded here.

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Barb said...

great layout, thanks for pointing me to the site.