Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.

Around this time of year, our mailboxes get filled up with advertisements for the latest and greatest Halloween costumes and major retailers that have gone out of business (i.e., Circuit City, Linens and Things, Borders Books), have had their former real estate turn into pop-up costume stores that seem to always be having a sale. While Chris and I may go into these stores for the occasional party prop, colored hairspray and bags of candy, we have stayed very loyal to our children’s boutique that has been outfitting K-Grace since her first Halloween appearance as Swine Flu - Chasing Fireflies @chasenfireflies

Kensington was like thousands of little goblins this week that went giddy over the gargoyles, ghosts, princess and cute critters costumes when they received the newest Chasing Fireflies Wishcraft catalog. She opted out of her regular “Seek and Find” and chapter books at bedtime and wanted me to read every description for every costume in the catalog and upon turning to the very first page, she declared that she had chosen her costume – the Skeleton Princess. 
My first thought was this was going to be an extremely long process if every costume we'd see she would be picking. But she didn’t. With that wicked sense of humor of hers, she was adamant that the Skeleton Princess was the costume that she wanted which threw me in a tailspin. You see, I have been waiting for THIS particular Halloween – the Halloween where she can finally fit into a 4T costume. Since I first laid eyes on the Chasing Fireflies almost 5 years ago, I have had my heart set on the Marie Antoinette costume which she could never fit into - unit now.  I know this is no longer about me, but… well, it’s all about me and the pictures. There will be tons of ghost and ghouls and skeletons running about but the likelihood of another Marie Antoinette (outside of the queens running around in the Village) is slim to none.
I mean, just look at it… the lavish confection of gold lamé, lilac and gold brocade and ivory lace, THIS is a costume treasure worthy of our little French queen. Plus, the stunning wig – just look at it! And the accessories add that ooh la la that is just to die for.
So, what am I going to do about it? Well, I showed her the Marie Antoinette costume and asked her if this could be the back-up. If they didn’t have the dark princess in her size, then she wouldn’t be able to reign over a vast scary-tale kingdom and would have to tell her real kingdom that "In honor of Halloween, let them eat . . . candy!" She was fine with that compromise. The way I look at it, 10 years from now, she couldn’t care less about what she wore for Halloween. 10 years from now, I will still be looking at pictures of her in a 2 foot wig, wearing a smile on my face. So… here’s the deal. It’s up to you. Place your vote, we want to hear what you think - Dark Princess or Prolific Queen?


margie said...

Of course the Dark Princess :)

Auntie Simone said...

If she will be trick or treating in Galveston, I think it fitting for the Dark princess. FYI I would have picked that one outside of a bike rally. lol