Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video Message To Mazha

Mazha went into the hospital earlier this week for a tracheotomy and insertion of a feeding tube. Both proceedures went off without a hitch and she's recovering quite well. She should be returning home in a couple days. This should help her with her breathing issues and assit in regaining some of her strength.

Fazha, Auntie Simone, and cousins Roni and Jordan have been in the hospital with her since Monday, so Kensi wanted to send a special video message to Mazha so she could be part of her "Get Well Crew".


Mazha said...

She's SO adorable! I loved it! Thank you sooo much for this, It made me so happy!!

Love you

Kathi said...

What an adorable video and special get well for Mazha!