Tuesday, December 25, 2012

God rest you merry, Kensington...

let nothing you dismay. Remember you're our angel that was born on Christmas day.

Today, Kensington celebrated Christmas and her “official” fourth birthday. For weeks now, ever since her Disney Spectacular Birthday Celebration, she’s believed she already turned four, and “no longer a baby”.

This morning started of a little rocky for our princess. You see, all she wanted from Santa was her pink bike with a pink baby baskets on the front (and later it turned into a bike that also had a pink baby seat in the back – yes, we loved how specific she got. She also added to her list another pair of her white princess slippers, the same ones she wore in her cousin Jordan’s wedding, but two sizes bigger so they would actually fit. Oh, and a last minute request of, yes, you guessed it – pink earrings for her [pierced] ears. Under the tree was a scooter and a miniature version of the bike that she wanted, but she couldn’t see her big-girl bike. You can tell that this upset her by the crackle in her voice. Once I heard that, I gave in and only allowed her to think she didn’t get it for another thirty seconds. When I was a kid, Mazha and Fazha would have let the game continue for hours.

After the presents were opened, we all headed to church for the Festal Mass of the Nativity. There was a part of The Collect that hit home on this very special day for us; “Grant that we, who have been born again and made your children by adoption and Grace, may daily be renewed by your Holy Spirit.”

Our little angel has definitely has renewed our faith and our spirit.

I blog and tweet many of the great one liners that come out of the mouth of our babe… some of the great ones either get censored, or I get the dismissal nod from Chris that tells me that I can never share it, or if I can, it’s only to a select few individuals. Today, Kensi said one of those gems – the best of the year – that once it came out of her mouth, he looked at me and said, “No. You will not be blogging about this.” Too bad I overruled him on this one! :)

Chris and I went up to the alter to receive the Sacrament; we took Kensington with us so she could receive a blessing. As we were leaving our footsteps echoed through the church, Kensi let out the very loud and disappointing statement, “Hey! Why can’t I eat the body of Christ?” Our echoed footsteps were replaced with laughs and gasps. I tried to quite her down (she’s actually very good in church, either sitting in on of our lap flipping through the hymn book, or playing a game on her iPad with the volume turned completely off). “Papa, why did you get to eat something and I didn’t? I want a body of Christ!”

As this was our first Christmas in New York, we decided that we needed to do something iconic, something that screamed NYC - so we went to Radio City Music Hall to watch the Rockettes in their Christmas Spectacular. Kensi loved watching the ‘dancing princesses’ and the nativity scene that they did at the end was just breathtaking. She informed us that one day she will be dancing with them. That was just the confirmation I needed in order to enroll her in dance class. Until I can find one that does classes in the evening, she will have to enjoy the cooking classes I got her and her daddy for her birthday. While I do enjoy them cooking at home (it really is one of her favorite things to do), I thought it would be easier to have them cook in someone else’s kitchen… one that I don’t have to clean up when they’re done. So those classes were also a gift to me!

Daddy and Kensi sharing chocolate
milk after the show

Kensi happy with what Santa brought her.

Our favorite gift from our little K-Grace

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How utterly charming and sweet. Best wishes.