Sunday, November 9, 2008

Agency Holiday Party

Today we traveled to Albany for our adoption agency's pre-holiday party. In the picture in our case-worker supervisor, Mary. It was a great opportunity to see the staff, meet with other parents-in-waiting and hear the status of their journey and see pictures of the construction on the agency's building. It was also great to see other couples who attended the agency's "Getting To Know You" weekend in Vermont with us last August when we first considered Friends In Adoption as our agency of choice. Many of them signed on that weekend (we waited until January) and have already have had a placement... others signed on later and are in the process of receiving their postcards and having meetings with birth-mothers. It was tough not to talk about tomorrows meeting with a birth-mother/father because we didn't want to a) jinx it, and b) deflate someones hope whose portfolio was also being reviewed by the same birth-couple.

After the party we headed out to our hotel where we waited... in complete nervousness. We watched the National Rodeo Associations finals that were taking place in Vegas and are planning to going to bed early in preparation for the big day. Wish us luck!

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