Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beam me up, Dr. Spock!

Chris and I chose our pediatrician last night after reviewing all of our birth mothers medical records - all 30 pages - and Chris was able to set up a meeting with them today.

Based on all of the books we read - i know, i know... books tend to fill your mind with things that will not help you become a great parent - we asked the following questions to ensure that we made the right choice.

Pediatrician Background, Credentials, Experience
- How long has the pediatrician been in practice?
- Does the pediatrician have any areas of subspecialty?
- What hospitals does the pediatrician have privileges at?
- How soon after the baby is born will the pediatrician come to see it?
- How does the pediatrician feel about parents calling in after hours over "little things"?
- Is there a specific time during the day that the doctor will take phone calls?
- How many same-sex families are patients of the practice?

Office Logistics
- Is the office conveniently located for less travel time with a sick child?
- Does the practice have multiple offices you can visit?
- What are the office hours and are there any early morning or late evening hours for working parents?
- How long in advance must you book appointments?
- Are there any diagnostic facilities on site such as X-rays, blood work, etc.?
- What lab work can be performed at the pediatrician's office?
- Is there a specific time during the day that the doctor will take phone calls, and how does the office handle your phone-in questions?
- Does the doctor answer any general questions by email?
- How does the office deal with after-hours emergencies?
- Is there a 24-hour answering service that can connect you to a doctor?
- Who covers for the doctor when he/she is on vacation?
- Does the office mail out reminders for scheduled immunizations and checkups?

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