Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Einstein may be leading the pack in music...

but Baby Kensington is tearing up the canvass, one brush stroke at a time.

Kensi loves - I mean LOVES - painting. At only four months, she's already getting ready for her first exhibition, at the Irwin-Dudek Gallery. Picasso created his first painting, El picador, when he was 5 years old. Our Princess Kensington created "Flamingos sentarse" (Perching Flamingos) at only 16 weeks. Booya to you Picasso!

Like any true art lover, you have to look at the colors, design and texture of her portrait and let your imagination sink into the spirit in which it was painted in. In this landscape/wildlife piece, you can see a father and daughter flamingo perching next to a waterfall. Look. Feel. Imagine.

For those of you that need some assistance, I've enhanced her piece digitally to give you a sense of what she was going for.


fabricpaper said...

Did you use a "like image" website? Whichone?
I don't know when yet, but sometime after June 12th (last Relay) I will be out to visit and meet the amazing Kensington, I wonder if she'll be walking yet;)

Alexsandria said...

This post is hilarious!
I look forward to seeing more of the emerging artists impressive works.

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

Nope... no "like image" website used. Just good ol' Adobe Photoshop. What? Can't you see the Flamingos Perching in her piece?