Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life... one inch at a time.

Hey all you new parents and expectant parents, we wanted to share with you a great new item that we came across.

BumpyName, which can be found at is every parent’s solution for labeling bottles, sippy cups, snack containers and other various drink/toiletry containers. This product is non-adhesive, reusable and personalized to meet your needs.

These are dishwasher and microwave safe and are sure to make your life simpler! No more "permanent" markers that wash away in the dishwasher. No more sticky labels that fade, peel, or leave sticky residue. These labels are easy to use - just stretch and release for a snug fit around a variety of containers. BumpyName labels are a must-have for pre-school and daycare.

InchBug is also the place to go for the "Diaper Vest" and "Cargo Jacket" brands by DadGear - the hottest innovations in parenting gear since the diaper bag itself! Instead of carrying a traditional diaper bag, dad can stash everything he needs for baby-care inside cleverly concealed pockets of this stylish fleece Vest or Jacket. With no bag to carry, dad also stays 'hands free.' Both the Vest and Jacket hold diapers, bottles, wipes, dad's cell phone and mp3 player, and even a slim changing pad. Thanks to the Diaper Vest and Jacket's sporty design and carefully placed pockets, no one will ever know that dad is wearing his diaper bag!

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