Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Devil Is In The Details

Did Lucifer play a role in Kensington's Mazha and Fazha'a visit? It may sound crazy, but one of the driving forces in our day... all 12 of them, started and ended with the sights and sounds of Lucifer. That’s right, Lucifer, also known as the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, FOXNews—you get the idea.

Anyway... we had to make an emergency call to Father Dan to get him to come and exercise the television. No... not put on a DVD of Richard Simmons... actually perform the reformed rites of exorcism.
We didn't think it would have to go to that extent... but it seemed like the remote would only let you turn to channel 360 on the satellite and there was a strange fuzzy "FOX News" emblem permanently embedded in the bottom left-hand of our screen. Chris and I would also hear some strange voice murmurring "Hannity" during Kensis 2am feedings.


Ladd said...

Pure evil!!!

Anonymous said...

I know you & chris loved fox news!!You left it on all the time.You just don't want to admit it.haha
Love Mazha
ps we miss kensi a whole lot!!

Bella Daddy said...

Ha, exorcize the TV indeed...kind of a cross between Poltergeist and Exorcist eh? I can hear Fox news bellowing now...behind a fuzzy screen..."Your Muzah's in here, Damien"