Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finding Neverland...

Young girls should never be sent to bed... they always wake up a day older.

Okay, it's been three weeks since the last post. Where have we been, you've asked? Let's just say we've been teetering [no... not twittering] on the edge of the land of make-believe. Fatherhood has been amazing. It really has. While we've been busy, with me going back to work, Kensington starting school and the numerous engagements we've had, we've still had time to watch our little angel change on a daily basis. It seems to us that Kensington's trying to grow up too fast, and for that, we've opted to watch it - and not write about it.

I know, I know... how dare we!

When I come home, logging into the computer has been the last thing on my mind. I just wanna eat our little angel up. I only have a short time span to smile with her, watch her roll around (yes, she's rolling on her stomach AND back again on her back), have our 'Raspberries and Bubbles' competitions, and listen/watch her laugh. You do know that when a baby laughs for the first time, the laugh breaks into a thousand pieces, and they all go skipping about. And that's the beginning of fairies. Okay, that was a stretch to add another 'Finding Neverland" quote.

Once she goes to sleep at 7 pm, she's doing it in our arms (and on the boppy around our waists) until it's time to bring her to her crib (which should be 9pm, but has been more like 10, 10:30 because we want to hold her forever). And then it's time for us to try to get some sleep.

The nice thing has been is that she's been in day-care for three days a week. I've been taking one day off to spend with her (we've been on walks, strolls, and jungle-gyming it). She is LOVING daycare. So far, she's done baby yoga, has had stretch class, has done - yes, has done THREE art projects. I was so excited to see Kensingtons first art project she did in class (pictured here). I do believe we have a baby Van Gogh on our hands. Oh No! I love her little baby ears...both of them!


Jen said...

About the only thing better than a baby's laugh is hearing her say " I love you" for the first time. She is adorable.

Andrew's Daddies said...

Just wait until "dada" comes out...It will melt your heart!!!!
Thanks for checking in with your loyal readers. I was wondering what happened to you but understand ....things get busy.
The Dad-Blogs has a new look and much quicker loading. You need to revisit.

Take care