Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Bangles may have had a manic Monday...

today I encountered a troublesome Thursday.

After hitting snooze two too many times, I finally rolled out of bed and hit the shower.

After getting myself ready, I entered Miss Kensington's sanctuary. Before I could even reach for the light, I was hit with the smell of the Diaper Dekor that sits next to the door. "Wow... I thought the pail was suppose to contain that smell." I then, in my mind, called Chris every name in the book because it was his turn to change out the bag. Before heading to her crib to wake her, I did his chore and brought the bag out to the garage. I head back upstairs and reach for our little angel and picked her up and smoothered her with her morning kisses. I carried her over to the changing table and then looked down at my sleeve.

It wasn't the Diaper Dekor that was the source of the odor... it was the diaper she was wearing that exploded. And it came out of her onesie. On me.

So I'm now trying to unbutton my shirt, one handed, while holding her down with my elbow so she's not 1) rolling in it, and 2) playing with it.

I get her diaper changed and throw my shirt, her onesie, the crib sheet and the changing pad in the washing machine and I put on another shirt. I made her bottle, fed her, burped her and got her dressed. As we prepared to head downstairs, she spit-up ALL over shirt number two.

Okay... let's try things again. They say third times a charm. Right?

I get on the road and we're off to school. We go into her class, I sign her in, we play for a few moments and I giver her goodbye kisses and then it's off to work. So I thought.

There is major construction. They are tearing up the road so they can construct a new supermarket and they have to run all of the piping. Seriously? At 8:35 in the morning. Haven't they heard of the morning commute? This puts me about 20 minutes behind. I get past the construction and now I'm on the highway and entering New Jersey and the phone rings - it's Kensi's school. She's out of formula. (WHAT!?!?! We get a daily progress report that alerts us to anything that is low and formula was not on it!!). I get to the next exit, turn around and head back into PA.

It's now about 45 minutes after the call that I'm pulling into her schools parking lot. I rush in and drop it off and then off to face the construction once again. Wait. I know what I'll do... I'll take the back road short cut. While it's hilly and bumpy, it's better than sitting and waiting.

Three miles into the trip, I'm faced with a Department of Transportation worker. Holding a stop sign. There is construction up ahead. Really? Is this what my day is turning into? Now I'm waiting and waiting. There is a car in front of me and two others behind me. Waiting. More waiting. Finally I roll down my window and wave the guy over... and then I'm informed the road ahead is flooded it will be about 30 more minutes before traffic can go through (was he planning on waiting the entire time and not tell us the problem so we could turn around?). So now I have to get out of the car to tell the folks behind be so they can back up, which would allow me to back up so we could get on with out day. Doing this I had to encounter the supermarket construction again.

It took me an additional two hours to get to work this morning. Yes. Two long additional hours.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!!


Corrine said...

Aaaa..the dreaded diaper blow-out!

Wait until she can unfasten the diaper and throw it out the side of her crib.

Two hours additional drive?? WTF!
I would have called out..*cough, Cough*

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

There was another diaper blowout this morning. YUCK!

Banteringblonde said...

I am having flashbacks ... I think I walked around for about 5 years with spit-up on me. After awhile I just stopped changing 8 times a day!

Jesus has two Daddies said...

I have been pee'd on, pooped on, sneezed on (with chunks) and perhaps the worst of all, vomitted on. It wasn't bad enough that Anna puked on me, but it went right on my face, into my ear, and down my neck into the back of my shirt.

I was doing my best to NOT throw up myself as I deftly put her back to bed so I could go take a shower.

Parenthood is NOT for the meek.