Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet Melanie & Matt

Over the past six months, we have received many inspiring notes and emails from a wonderful mix of individuals: friends & family members, new and 'seasoned' adoptive parents, expecting parents, birth moms/parents that have placed a child up for adoption, as well as women who are pregnant and wondering if choosing adoption is right for them. Please know that while we may not have the opportunity to answer all of them in a timely fashion, we do read them and talk about them together - and each one of them touches us. Many make us laugh... some make us cry... and some make us laugh and cry. All of them make us thankful for what we have, and thankful that we have so many caring people in our lives.

With that being said, we realized that we have a wonderful venue to share stories, memories and opportunities with our followers, as well as those doing searches on the web.

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times. I believe everything happens for a reason. the good. the bad. the indifferent. It may take me weeks - months - even years to realize it, but there is a plan in place (and even if I don't agree with it 'in the moment'), and everything works out in the end.

I feel very strongly that we made the perfect choice when choosing Creative & Sons to create our adoption portfolio / adoption profile. Adam did such a wonderful job showing the true sides of "Paul & Chris" and through the process of creating it, a great friendship has formed. Adam shared with me his latest adoption portfolio/profile, and I would like to introduce to you, Melanie & Matt. This cute couple have been together for eight years and would like to start a family.

As I've heard from many of the adoptive parents out there, word of mouth is the key in finding the right placement. Chris and I were lucky enough to find a wonderful agency, Friends In Adoption, that helped us in finding S&S, our bio parents. While Melanie & Matt are using a different venue (being from Charleston, SC), I wanted to share with you their story in hopes of making their journey to a match a short one. To learn more about them, you can visit www.wishforfamily.com


ciara said...

i checked out their adoption profile...they look like a great couple. i hope they get someone soon. i think they deserve it. those letters from the kids really got to me *sigh*

2momswithaplan said...

Wow... that's a great profile! I really hope they are able to find a birth mother soon!