Thursday, June 4, 2009

Must-Know Tips for Starting Solids

Now that Kensington has started solid foods, I decided to do some additional research on the new feeding wisdom. It seems like EVERYONE has an opinion when it comes to starting solids.
When I dropped Kensi off at school today, I noticed this cute picture on the wall of her class with "Aiden in June Parents Magazine". What?!?! I was just skimming through that magazine last night. Did I miss an article? Did I not recognize that cute little face in the magazine? What do you know... I did miss the article. Guess what the topic was? Come on. This is an easy one. I just tee'd it up - "Baby's First Foods".
The article [which is just the right length a piece should be since more than likely it's a busy parent trying to read it in between bottle feedings, diaper changes, naps and life] was a great one-pager that discussed the 'myths' of solid foods and some great advice every parent should take. For those of you wanting to read it for yourselves, you can click here.
As for little Aiden here, I think we have another contender for "The Courtship of Kensington Grace". Come on... look at those eyes. We do have to work on the table manners though.


Bella Daddy said...

Heh heh Solid Foods. Be prepared for the change in kidding LOL

Corrine said...

OMG! Aiden is adorable...even with the dripping food.

I try and make my own baby foods. Then, I know exactly what I am serving.
Bella Daddy is right about the poop...color smell..all new. Eww!

Make sure you do veggies first. I think that it helps to create a more rounded eater. Fruits ar hig in sugar!

Ya, I know you already know that....