Friday, February 6, 2009

Kensington's First Superbowl...

Our day started with brunch with the aunties... Nathan and Kevin.

Look at the adorable little place setting they laid our for Kensington.

Soon after brunch, our little girl got sleepy.

Then our other little girl got sleepy.

Nap time :)

Kevin and Nathan look at what their futures holds. Someone skinnier in the house than them. :)

Miss Gossip taking a cat nap.

Kensington prepping for the ride to watch the big game (who's playing?)

Dee feeding and burping.

Auntie Jean telling her what the score is :)


Becky said...

So who did Miss Kensi pull for????
What a little cutie!

Two Moms With A Plan said...

She has grown so much in just a month!

Nandoism said...

I am now officially addicted to this blog. Who ever named the cat, Miss Gossip just made me spit out my water.

Love the baby and I wish you guys tons of LOVE and LUCK.

I was adopted myself (3 hours old) and have been an advocate of adopting. ROCK ON guys!

Keep up the good work,