Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Dear Lois,

Mazha was sedated all day. I think it’s the patch that they placed on her. From 9am-7:30pm, she was probably up only about 2 hours total.

After arriving at Hospice this morning with Kensington, I quickly realized that I needed to get some medical assistance for myself. Throughout the night, I found it not only difficult to swallow, but to breathe as well. I left munchkin with Fazha and headed to the emergency clinic to go get checked out. They ran a Streptococcal pharyngitis (Strep throat) test and it came up negative. The doctor said it’s just a viral infection. I’m hoping Kensington doesn’t get sick. She has a habit for ‘sharing’ her pacifier with her daddy and me. She’s not really a paci-child. During the night she’ll use it and when we travel in the car (or plane), we give her one. [Funny Story - At her first day in Toddler One, I didn’t take the pacifier out of her mouth when I brought her into the daycare. When I put her down in the room, all of the kids came running to her. Surrounded by OPM (other peoples munchkins), she took her pacifier out of her mouth and went to hand it to Peyton. “Chickpea don’t do that. Cooties.” Then I realized what I just said. I just told all of these kids that Peyton had Cooties. I tried to back-peddle. “Don’t share YOUR cooties” Great. Now I just told all of the kids that SHE has cooties. Thank God they’re too young to fully comprehend what I was saying.] Anyway, the doc said there wasn’t much he could do for the pain in my throat. He prescribed a Z pack for me, but told me to wait 48 hours before I take it. He’s reasons are unknown, and my throat hurt too much to even ask him.

The gentleman in room 105 passed away today. He was the husband of one of the Anatomy&Physiology teachers at the local college. They brought him in the night before and he only lasted here a couple hours. It looks like God is working backwards. First room 106, now room 105. Mazha’s in room 102, so hopefully we will be getting several more days of her being around.

I had to go into town to buy a suit… the one thing I didn’t pack for this trip. When I was packing, something told me that if I didn’t prepare for a funeral, I wouldn’t have to attend one. Unfortunately, our friend Marc (from the Marc&Dean duo) lost his father yesterday to a silent heart attack. Chris called me early this morning to let me know. I know the services will be soon and since I’m down here, I feel like I must go. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, emotionally, I mean. We’ll see.

Before I left, I covered Mazha up with you. You spent the majority of the day on the floor, again. Kensi had another tea party with Fazha. More counting with her moo-moo cow, and tearing apart Legos. They don't get Nick Jr in the room, but we make due with the Cartoon Network in the background. It's better than The Beverely Hillbillies that Fazha keeps putting on. I think Auntie Paulette and I (Along with Mazha) have suffered countless hours to that show, along with Gun Smoke and Ponderossa.

Tonight it’s snowing here in Texas. We (they) don’t get that a lot down here. I headed back to Mazha and Fazha’s house to sleep here again. I was planning on staying at Hospice, but because of my throat, I think it’s best if I try to get some rest tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Lois and I both are wrapping your Mazha with comfort and love...