Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Lois,
Unplanned and completely unexplained, I drove through your hometown today. A town that I can’t recall ever being in. If I was ever there before, it certainly wasn’t in the last 15 years. (For those of you up north – or across the globe - this is what us Texans would call a ‘one horse town’, with less than two-square miles of a land, and six hundred or so people calling this place home). When I realized I was here, I had to pull over to the side of the road just to catch my bearings and wonder if there was a purpose for me being here. There was no reason for the GPS to bring me here. I was headed to Marc’s father’s funeral in Mabank, about 60 miles from Tyler… a town that I had been to (or at least through) several times in the last couple of years when heading to visit with friends. I checked the GPS unit, expanding the map to see where my ‘point a’ and ‘point b’ locations were. Looking at the overview, it should have never brought me to your home. It was out of the way by 20 miles. Right now with my faith distraught, I don’t know if I should look at this as a sign or a coincidence, or a signal that there is a spiritual presence in the afterlife, whether or not a higher power exist.

Whether a deity exists or not, it made me feel like I will have the opportunity to be in contact with Mazha again after she passes… or at least have those moments that make me remember her and think of the good times that we’ve shared.

While headed to the funeral, I needed to stop to use the restroom. I ended up finding a mini mart type gas station and went inside. To get to the bathrooms, you had to go behind the counter (with the cash register), through a doorway, down a small hall and in the back of the storage area. As I headed out, I heard someone screaming, “Help me… Lord, Help me!” Holy crap, the place is being robbed. I run back into the bathroom and lock the door. Just my luck - I left my phone in the truck, along with my wallet. I didn’t want to bring either of these into the funeral home because the wallet makes my butt look big in slacks and the phone I was afraid would ring in the middle of the service. What do I do?!?! With my ear placed against the dingy door, I heard, “I can’t believe it. Oh Jesus, thank you!” Ummm… normally when someone is getting robbed, you don’t hear him or her say thank you. I unlock the door and creep out slowing, still willing to run back into the small bathroom and hide in the cabinet under the sink. It ended up one of the customers won a hundred dollar scratch off ticket. Yes, only a hundred dollars. I risked almost pissing myself (and possibly worse) on a hundred dollar scratch-off. I would understand if it was the Power Ball or something. Maybe even getting excited over a grand, but 100? Hey… it makes a great story, right?

When I came back I picked up munchkin from Simones and headed back up to Hospice. We visited for a couple hours and then I went back to the house where I hand washed you… or at least the pieces we’ve dirtied.

Anyway, today Lois, you’ve made me think. Think long and hard about the road ahead. It’s not going to be an easy one, I know. But I’m starting to brace myself.

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