Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Inbound Flight

Dear Lois,

Today was a good day for Mazha, compared to some of the other ones. She was a little more alert than normal and was trying to talk a little. She’s still in a lot of pain and the nurses have tried to alternate her medication a little (hopefully it will make her more aware during the day and sleep better at night).

Chris arrived tonight, though only by the grace of God. Due to weather patterns and airplane malfunctions, he had a couple canceled flights and spent the better part of his time in the airport trying to locate a flight that he could get on. He ended up taking a bus from one airport to Philadelphia, and then was able to get a flight to Dallas. The first thing he did when he finally walked in the door around 9:30 was wake-up chickpea to her the biggest bear hug ever.

Kensi calls it quits on trying to stay up to see daddy. She crawled to the pillow, rolled over, and crashed.


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