Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the road again...

Just can't wait to get off this road again.
The life we love is miles away, still, but then,
We just can't wait to get off this road again.

On the road again...
Goin' places that we've never been.
Dodging truckers and those snowflakes 'round the bend,
And we can't wait to get off this road again.

Today... Chris and I traveled the 500 plus miles again to visit with our Bio-parents. The weather was far from on our side as driving white-knuckled in a snow storm is never a pleasant thing to do.

When we pulled up to the house, we saw our bio-mom standing on the porch waiting for us, but our bio-dad was no where to be found. She hopped in the car and then informed us that he wasn't feeling well and decided to go home (Chris and I instantly shot each other a glance hoping that his 'illness' wasn't a sign of not wanting to go through with the adoption, or feeling that we weren't the adoptive-parents of choice).

We asked her how yesterday's Dr's appointment went and she told us that her physician, who now sees her on a weekly basis, informed her that this would probably be the last visit she would be at. "What you talk'n 'bout Willis???" went through my head, but I dared not to say it - (hahahaha) So instead I asked "Doesn't need to see you again because everything is alright?" or "Doesn't need to see you again because you will give birth before next week's visit?" and very non-chalantly she said, "Yep... I'll probably give birth in the next 7-10 days."

"What you talk'n 'bout Willis???" came out of my mouth this time (There was NO holding that sucker in!!! Thoughts of "The nursery isn't done yet", "we have our reception this Saturday", "I haven't submitted a paternity-leave plan to HR" and "I'm only on Chapter 23 of 'What to expect the Baby's first year'" all went running through my head. Chris gave out a scared chuckle and said, "You do realize that we're headed AWAY from the hospital today... lets not have that water break just yet". We all laughed (and sadly, a little vomit came up in my mouth).

We headed a couple towns over and stopped in for lunch before heading to the Movies to see Twilight. At lunch we exchanged our recipe books and feel in love with the book that she created for us. I thought I was going above and beyond with my digital scrapbooking sheets I made (see post below), but she did her own little craft project as well. She handed us a book with a hand-drawn couple on the cover with a quote that was from a plaque that hung in her grandmothers kitchen. She cataloged her favorite recipes and we went though them all, talking about our excitement to try this one and bake that one. We were then told that our bio-dad went home, not because he was ill, but because her mother was driving him crazy and he needed to get away from the stress that was being created... that, and the fact that he too was in shock about the news that she would/could be delivering early.

She then pulled out a project that she was working on for us... a scrapbook of them- similar to our adoption portfolio that we provided them - so we could learn a little bit more about them and their friends and family.

We were in awe with the pages we saw. It was so creative and was also filled with favorite quotes that she tends to live her life by.

We then headed to the movies and were the ONLY 3 people in the entire theater, making it very easy to identify the seats that we wanted to the movie (she told us that she read books 1 and 2 of the series and was hoping that the movie did the book justice). Nestled in the center of the center row in the theater, we each had our large drinks in-hand and the gigantic tub of popcorn was placed in my lap. About a quarter way through the movie, she had to readjust herself and ended up propping her head on my shoulder. It was the most touching thing I have ever experienced.... and then I saw the baby start to kick. and kick. and kick some more. Please, please, please... not now I thought to myself. Thankfully, today wasn't the day she wanted to come out :)

After the movie, which she said she wasn't disappointed in, but only have the movie an 8.0 (Chris gave it a 7.6 and I an 8.4) we noticed that it was after three and she had her sonogram appointment. We offered to drive her straight there, instead of having to go home and call her Dad to pick her up. She said she'd be happy with us driving her there and what do you think we saw when we entered the waiting room? A Relay For Life award that the hospital got for best decorated tent. The employees thought I was completely nuts when I took out the camera and started taking pictures. I knew right then that any group that could win a RFL decorating contest could deliver our baby with ease (hahahaha).

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