Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We'd rather be playing Shoots and Ladders...

instead we're playing Poops and Laughter's ;0)

Out of Kensington's 10 diaper changes yesterday, she managed to poop/pee 6 times during the actual changing process... and laughed about it.

Kensington - 6; Daddies Plural - 4. She's winning the game... and wanted to play again this morning. We know that parents should let their kids win when playing games together, but the line has to be drawn somewhere! We have pictures of this, but have decided to save these until she brings home a date that we don't care for.

Around 4 o'clock yesterday, Kensington laid on my chest and ended up falling asleep... for hours. It was the most precious thing ever. Unfortunately, last night when she was in between her 3am and 5:30am feeding, she wouldn't sleep in her vibrating chair or her bassinet, so Chris put her on his chest and it worked. Unfortunately, when she's sleeping on you, you shouldn't be sleeping as well (Thank goodness it wasn't me who had that feeding scheduled) so he's been up for some time, poor thing.

We've already gone through our first pack of diapers, and the second pack that we opened was the Pampers Stage 1 Swaddlers - LOVE THESE! They actually have a blue-line indicator that tells us when she's gone potty. These are soooo much better than the smell/feel indicator that parents have had to use for centuries.

We got great news yesterday from Barb at Friends in Adoption... she faxed over the paperwork to both NY and PA as a 'head's up" and sent the originals via FedEx. We found out that the paperwork sent to PA is a courtesy filing and we don't need to hear back from them before we can enter the state... we just need to hear back from NY before we can actually leave it. One less step in the process!

I made the following calendar - You can download your copy here.


Kate said...

She is beautiful- Congratulations. I hope you can go home soon.


cindy said...

So very, very cute. Happy New Year, in every sense of the words.

Two Moms With A Plan said...

She is so beautiful! Congrats to you both on your Christmas miracle!

GayDad said...

Congrats guys! Your pictures look so familiar to what we have when our boys were born. Only we had to fly home, which was quite interesting. You'll have it easier with only one, but those first three months are exhausting to the point you just go on auto-pilot.

They change so fast the first year. I look back on pictures from when they were born, and they looked like little dolls. At almost 8 months, they seem like little people, and look so different now, with their personalities now showing. Just wait until you hear the first giggle and start getting reactions back from Kensington! It's amazing, and I think I fall in love with our boys more every day.

Happy New year to your family!

Lori said...

She's a beauty! What a wonderful way to end one year and begin another.

I emailed you at work...you'll get it after your paternity leave.

Congrats again!