Thursday, January 1, 2009

Captain's Log...

Stardate 2009.01.01

While playing with our warp engines after three days of test driving the "ItsDaddies.Plural." Fleet, Kensington has warped us into yet another uncharted region of our galaxy - the black abyss of sleepless nights.

Okay guys. You all warned us... and we laughed in your faces. I will admit, you were right. Yes. I said it. YOU WERE RIGHT. Babies cause sleep deprivation. And quickly. :)

Kensi is on this "sleep all day / up all night" routine... No big deal - we're super parents. We can tag them this baby. Well... not when your partner has a cold and a sore throat. Though Chris was trying to be the trooper, I quarentined him to the upstairs loft bedroom to sleep so he wouldn't be near her. We started with a quiet New Years Eve evening: a To-Go dinner from the Texas Steak House that was situated down the road from the Residence Inn, and two tabs of orange flavored Alka Seltzer in tap water. Yummy!

We fed and changed her at 7pm and I ended up going to bed around 8:30pm... hoping to catch a couple hours of rest since we was up the entire night before with her.

(for the interest in saving time from typing, please fill in gaps between time frames with crying and sobbing... from Kensington. And yes, Kevin/Carmen/Kevin/Nathan/Jeff, we're logging her diaper changes and feeding because the pediatrician has asked us to)

9:04pm, Hurricane Kensington hit. She took 3oz of formula and had her poopy diaper changed.

9:21pm, Changed a wet one. Kensi wasn't done when I saw the blue line on the diaper and she peed while changing her (yes... so far, Kensi still has the highest score in this game).

9:43pm, Chris comes to help. I banish him back upstairs.

9:58pm, Kensi wants another ounce. What Kensi wants, Kensi gets.

10:20pm, Another poopy.

10:25pm, Another poopy. Should have waited until she was done. Darn blue lines. You see them and you just want to change the sucker!

10:30pm, Chris comes down again, and right back upstairs he goes.

11:45pm. She wants more food. I start with an ounce... she takes two.

12:12am. Happy New Year. A poopy and a wet diaper (well, just for clarification... the poopy and pee could be listed as 'wet', but I'll just use that phrase for "#1").

2:30am, another 2oz.

2:42am, wet diaper.

5:00am, another ounce.

7:00am, Chris comes down. I give in. Let's hope the Alka Seltzer worked.

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Cindy said...

My brother's two year old screamed bloody murder from 4am to 5:30am for no apparent reason this morning. Unfortunately for me, I was there and pretty toasted so I couldn't run away. Kids....
Hope Chris is feeling better so you can get some sleep.