Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My... how time flies.

We've had a very busy weekend which will give us several days of blogging material - our first weekend retreat, finding out who crocheted the pink/white afghan, Paul's first "official" nap, Kensi's second doctor visit, prep-work for our Creative Memories event this upcoming weekend, the finalization of her 'official' birth announcement (meaning, a non-blog version... yes, we're going snail mail), our first of three post-adoption home study meetings, the great 'explosion' of 2009, and so much more.

We have reached another milestone in the adoption process and would like to share with you some of our thoughts (especially for those of you in this process - whether you are adopting or opting to adopt).
Fear: fear is the uncertainty, the unknown, the 'will they pick us', the 'what if they change their minds', the 'what if everything goes wrong'. Courage: courage is being able to get to the other side of fear. If there is one thing we have learned in this, it would be… you must trust. In the adoption process there is a time when the bio parents can opt to parent instead of adoption. This period of time varies by state, but is something everyone goes through.
For us, yesterday was the day. While we have been in ongoing communication with Kensi’s bioparents, we've felt very comfortable that this day will come and go. But still... you hold your breath a little, that is fear. I look at it similar to a graduation... you know you're going to graduate. The date is set. Invitations sent out and your guests have arrived. You have your cap & gown on... and yet, you're still a little nervous. Is this going to happen? Can the plan change? In 99% of instances... you graduate, as planned, and move forward. But on that rare occasion, the paper work comes back and you're shy a couple credits, and thus, won't be walking across the stage. Well, last night Chris and I graduated without any issues.

So. with that being said, we'd like to address our birth parents for the first time, via our blog.

S & S –
You decided that we are the right couple to parent your
child, and we are forever grateful to you (more than words could ever say) for giving us the opportunity to be a family. Please know in your hearts that Kensington will always have the best of everything that she could ever ask for: emotionally, spiritually, financially and academically. We will teach her love - respect for herself and respect for others. We will teach her how to laugh. We will take her to the shore and teach her how to make sandcastles and where to buy the best saltwater taffy on the east coast. We will teach her how to dance and sing just because it feels good. We will teach her anything and everything we possibly can and know that everyday she will be teaching us too. We will show her the world - literally. She will travel around the globe, because reading about a place or looking at its pictures is an unfortunate substitute to actually getting there and feeling the pulse of the place and absorbing its culture.
She will receive plenty of hugs and kisses and a family who reminds her everyday what a truly special blessing she is and how many people love her.
We are committed to offering Kensi a life of unconditional love and constant nurturing. We believe that she should always know and feel your love and we will do everything we can to make sure of that.

Always in our hearts – Paul & Chris

P.S. To Kensi’s extended biofamily and friends (of which many are reading the blog), thank you for sharing in this experience with us. Peace & Love.


john said...

What a beautiful letter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, you totally don't me, since I linked over from another blog. I am amazed and delighted by your absolute dedication to this little girl. I love reading the joy you take in everything she does, and I have learned a lot about the adoption process. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to watching Kensi grow up!
Laura in Michigan

Anonymous said...

You're letter made me cry! Love you guys and congratulations! Kensi is such a lucky little girl and I can not wait to meet her!!!

Much love, Kate

Anonymous said...

It's plain to see that you two are wonderful and caring people who have so much love for your little miracle. Thank you both, so much, for being wonderful parents to that beautiful little girl.

I do want to say as well that you are both so very brave, and a great inspiration by the day! You are both truly blessed and I only wish you the best as the years go by.

~Peace and love as well to you both from the Mid-west.

Kori said...

What a beautiful letter and wonderful dreams and ambitions for her life!