Thursday, January 29, 2009

Calling all LGBT Families...

Is yours?

I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase, founded by our friends Steven and Grant (yes, I can call them friends. Not only are they good ol' boys from Texas, but they just informed us of the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth. Anyone that is trying to help us sleep... you're not only our new best friends, you're invited to our next open house).

In searching for items a non-traditional family with traditional needs would use, the two determined that GLBT families were underserved when it comes to products that appeal specifically to them. “If there are so many of us having babies now with this ‘Gayby Boom’ phenomenon, where are the products that serve our community?” Grant, a business travel management consultant, asks. “It’s curious to look around and realize that, although there might be so many of us having babies now in the gay community, there are very few products to support us.” Their Pride Family Flag can, and will, connect GLBT families everywhere, honor their relationships, and show their pride to the world.

In addition to the Pride Family Flag, the site also has tons of other items. Pride Families specializes in unique designs for LGBT, Alternative, Adoptive & other kinds of loving families. Kids with two dads or two moms can show their pride with slogans such a "My Dads Rock", "I Love My Mommies", "It's Daddies PLURAL", and "Every Family Matters". Please go check them out and show off your pride. Thanks Steven, Frant and Cleo!!

I also received a special request... seems like Mazha and Fazha were a little upset that only Kensington was sporting an Obama icon, so I created this just for them.


Steven said...

Hey kids,

Imagine my surprise when I went to your blog for my daily Kensi fix and saw Pride Families front and center. I'm thrilled that you included us and honored by your response to our designs.

Keep up the good work on your blog. It's like re-living the early days of Cleo. Savor every moment because the word "NO" starts sooner than you think! :-)

All the best to you sweet daddies!

Steven, Grant & Cleo

Michael said...

I love this brand! I purchased a couple of their t-shirts: "Every Family Matters" and "My Dads Vote".