Thursday, January 8, 2009

Celebrating over 3000 hits...

Chris and I have been amazed at the amount of support we have received... not only over the past 14 days since Kensington was born, but from the onset of announcing that we were starting our adoption journey last January.

We initiated the blog to share our story with friends and keep our familis that were out of state up-to-date on what was going on. The amount of encouragement from them, as well as so many individuals around the globe has been extremely overwhelming. In the week pre-k (pre-Kensington), we were receiving about about 40-50 hits a day, and now it's over 120, and growing... and this morning, we went over 3000 hits.

Days before she was born, I was updating the blog and deleted our original counter by accident. Not being able to find the same cute teddy bear counter, I installed a 'generic' one just to get one up and found out that it tells us what country/state the person is from. Again... overwhelming.

We have 4 regular viewers from the UK and 3 from Germany; 2 from Argentina, Singapore, Canada and Spain, 3 individuals from US Armed Forces bases (one I know is from Guam), and at least one person (or couple - smile) in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Brazil, Czech Republic, Croatia/Hrvatska and the Netherlands. And here in the US, lets just say I think we covered all 50 states, including one person stranded on that bridge to nowhere in Alaska that is picking up free Wi-Fi from Russia... because they're that close.

For all of you who have viewed our site, left comments, kept us in your prayers, and shared our story with others. We can not thank you all enough. Kensington not only has 3 daddies and a mommy that love her very much and want the best thing for her, but now "family" around the world that is keeping a close eye on her.

With that being said... watch out. We may be calling you soon to babysit (or at least for a visit when we're in your neck of the woods).


welcome2ourworld said...

Sending lots of good wishes from Germany :) If you ever need a babysitter - give us a call *smile*. All the best to your family :)

Nancy E said...

Hello from Massachusetts - ok, maybe not as far as Germany - - but still our support is here! :) I don't have time to babysit though - life here is nuts! Sorry - she is such a doll!

Two Moms With A Plan said...

Hello from Florida! We love reading your story and can't wait to hear more about your adorable daughter!

Cindy said...

Hello from Bor-ring. I will babysit whenever you want. Babies don't talk back :)