Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Monday...

We have had a busy few days behind us. Kensington met many of her aunties: Diane, Janice, Kevin & Nathan, Alyssa, Kevin & Carmen (yes... the famous HTHAP creator and author) as well as her Nonna Gionvanni. She also had the opportunity to spend more time with her cousin Mason, aunt Aggie & uncle Mark.

In the pictures it may seem like we span weeks, due to the different outfits Kensington is in… but it’s just not so. On Saturday alone, she went through 5 outfits. Yes.. count them. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. (okay... I have to stop spending so much time watching Baby Einstein). Kensi has this ongoing habit of tinkling every time we start to change her diaper. On a few occasions, she’ll squirm while peeing, which causes it to go everywhere, thus needing a wardrobe change. Just a change, not a malfunction.

We were finally able to take down all of the Christmas decorations and pack them back up in the attic. We've also completed about 1/3 of our thank you notes... so it's my goal to get another third of them done this week and to design her birth announcements. Again... it's a goal. :)

More to come on the adventures of Kensington Grace tomorrow…

Diane showing off Kensington's cow girl outfit from Mark and Aggie, along with the hat that Chris ended up going to 5 different Gymboree stores, in three states, to find.

Kevin and Nathan... upset that someone in the house weighs less than them.

We have a dilemma! Do you see the BEAUTIFUL pink and white afghan below? If you know the artisan who made this, please call or email us. Someone spent hours making this and brought it to our open house/reception in December without a tag on it. The person actually handed this to Chris and said, "I didn't put a tag on it", so we walked it to the nursery and placed it in her crib. He remembers the action... but for the life of him can not remember who handed it to him. Kensington love this and we'd like to thank you for it!

Carmen displaying the rough draft of Kensington's one-of-a-kind How To Hug A Porcupine artpiece that will go in her nursery, Kensi sleeping, Kevin and Alyssa.

Paul and Mason along with Janice and Kensi.

I picked up the scuffed and distressed frames from Anna Aspnes at designerdigitals

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