Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today... Life Is Beautiful!

Happy Inauguration Day!

With Barack Obama set to be inaugurated today as the nation's 44th president, the day figures to be one of the most-covered live events ever in television history. For Obama's swearing-in at noon, estimates put the potential worldwide audience in the billions.

With that being said, what can lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Americans expect from the new President of the United States?
Barack Obama is the most gay-friendly politician to lead America. During his campaign for the White House, the former Senator from Illinois spoke about his personal friendship with gay people.

"Michelle and I have been blessed with many openly gay and lesbian friends and colleagues whom we have been close to for many years," he revealed in a series of written answers to a gay newspaper. "While that fact has made the issue facing the LGBT community more personal, the fundamental reasons I have for supporting equality are greater than any individual."
President Obama (wow... I like the sound of that), we welcome you with open arms. But as my good friend in Michigan, Mike, has stated, we can not leave you alone to clean up the mess. As you take your oath today, I encourage everyone to please take one yourself -- to work harder than ever to end these wars, create universal health care, save our planet, end poverty, increase knowledge and establish a true government "of, by and for the people".

Today is a time for celebration and optimism and hope!


C.I.W. said...

What a day!!!!!

What an amazing piece of history you can share with your daughter-- how wonderful!

Kori said...

Oh goodness, look at the cute little EARS on the head cushion!! How cute can you get!?!