Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes... two post in one day. S U R P R I S E !

I had a couple of pictures in the camera that just made it over to our external drive, so I wanted to share them with you.

Auntie Cathy and Uncle Kyle. (Since this picture, two of the Christmas trees have come down... but still don't have the time yet to put up the other decorations. Please read post below - smile) Kensington is wearing one of her favorite onesies, from Dave and Theresa. Blanket provided by Aunt Simone :)

Chris and Kensi
Outfit from Mary Cay, Matt and M2

Gossip checking out the pack-n-play.

Duncan getting in some much needed tummy time. If only Gossip would only join him.
Kensington relaxing on the couch.
Swaddle by Jason, Jason and Jacobb.
Outfit from Mary Cay, Matt and M2


adam said...

AWWWW! How beautiful! I miss you guys!

JJ&J said...

You guys are too cute and sweet with all the lullabies, etc. Jacobb's iPod has been on random shuffle for two years - he's heard AC/DC and Prodigy, but also listened to the Audacity of Hope audiobook, too. I like to say it's teaching him diversity, but truth is, we're too lazy to create a baby-only playlist, and we can't quite handle wheels on the bus go round and round yet (in time, though, right?)

Kori said...

She is too cute with those little hand mittens!