Friday, January 30, 2009

It's a miracle...

No, we didn't see the face of the Virgin Mary in our asiago bagel this morning, one of our Sid Dickens didn't weep throughout the night, nor did Pope Benedict XVI quietly canonize Princess Diana without the press getting wind of it... it happens to be - drum roll please - Kensington slept a whole eight hours last night! [Thanks Steven and Grant - just the recommendation of the book yesterday got her to sleep throughout the night :) ] Hallelujah!

Chris, Kensington and I spent last Saturday and Sunday away from home... yes, it was our first official weekend get-a-way [we're not counting being sequestered like contestants from Big Brother in a hotel or a beach house waiting for clearances]

We spent Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday morning at Aunt Cathy and Uncle Kyle's house. Chris and Kyle did "manly" chores (hung light fixtures, ate fiberglass, made numerous trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, etc.), while Cathy, Kensi and I stayed behind and had bath time and Cathy was nice enough to allow me to take a nap while the Miss America pageant was on (Miss. Georgia got ROBBED!). As we've said before, Kensington - like many infants - doesn't enjoy bath time - and the pictures show Aunt Kathy just how much she appreciated all of her efforts.
[double click photos for a better view... sorry, had to split it up to 2 pics because Blogger wasn't letting me upload all day]
In addition to bath time, Saturday was the first time we had to call the doctor for advice. You see, On Thursday when we saw him, we told him she hadn't gone poop in almost 24 hours. He said to give her a little Karo syrup in her formula and it should take care of that. Should being the key word there. So we get home and give her syrup and wait. Friday comes and we give her a tablespoon more. Nothing. Saturday morning again... nothing. So when we got to C/K's, I call the doctors office an got the answering services. Within 10 minutes, I got a call from the pediatrician on call - whom I've never met or talked to. In her very deep foreign accent I get, "Is this your first child?" "Um... I'm not trying to be neurotic. Your office told me on Thursday to give a teaspoon of syrup and it should take care of it. We did that and it's now 48 hours since we've been to your office and she still hasn't gone #2 (roar in the background because I said "#2" instead of having a bowel movement). "Give her two ounces of pear juice with 2 ounces of water. That will clear her up." Great! I get off the phone and tell Chris to run to the store to get pear juice. Cathy then questions, "Do you mean prune juice?" Umm... the doctors accent was pretty thick and hard to understand. "Better get both". When Chris and Kyle left, we checked and found out that it was indeed pear juice, and formula babies can go 4-5 days without going "#2" before you should worry. But the site told us of a massage technique that could help the baby... so we did that for three minutes and the great explosion of 2009 occurred. From both ends. Pear OR Prune juice were no longer needed :)


dana said...

Ooh - what was the massage technique?? We have poop issues here. We've been massaging the hollows of the butt cheeks and on either side of the lower spine. It worked once - but we haven't had luck since.

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

Massage your baby's belly. Measure three finger-widths below her navel and apply gentle but firm pressure with your fingertips. Press until you feel a firmness or mass. Maintain gentle but constant pressure for about three minutes.