Monday, December 29, 2008


Kensington learned how to write her name in cursive. Her penmanship is BEAUTIFUL.

Okay... she's not that advanced, yet, but she's getting there :o)

While she didn't learn to write her name... she did learn to cry when she wants food. Yippee for us. Last night Kensi' appetite grew... instead of her normal (can it really be classified as normal if she's only been doing it for 4 days???) 2 ounces a feeding, she increased to 3 ounces. She work up again at 2:30am and took her 2 ounces and after her burping and changing, she wanted an additional ounce. This routine happened again around 5am. At 8am and 10:30am she took her regular 2 ounces. She's been sleeping and we've decided to forgo the pediatricians "2 ounces every 2 hours" to a feed-on-demand routine. It works better for all of us here in the hotel. By the way mom, thanks for the advice... she burps easier when you rub her back versus patting it.

Back on January 31, 2008, I blogged about the amazing support we had receive within the first 24 hours of starting our adoption journey. We had received the cutest little shirt (that's not so little on Kensington) from Marilyn in the ACS HR department and I couldn't wait to put it on her. The design is a freebie Quick Page from Biebel Scraps.

Here she is this morning getting ready for another changing:

She already has her adoptive daddy, Chris, wrapped around her finger:

Pictures from the hospital. Look how tiny she is. She looks like a cross between Boris Yeltsin and an Oompa_Loompa in the hat. We decided not to keep the hat on her her hospital picture - less is more (lol)


Michelle said...

What a doll. Im so so happy for you three.

C.I.W. said...

Kensington Boris... hmm.. you may want to consider?? nah.. doesn't have the same ring.

You guys are doing a wonderful job!


Becky said...

I just noticed your new header ~ LOVE IT!
You three are adorable, and I'm loving the updates!

GDad said...

I see the picture of her grasping your finger, but I suspect she has you wrapped around her little finger.

Three words...


debi g said...

hey chris and paul,
this is all amazing, congratulations on becoming daddies! and i adore her name.

Cindy said...

I immediately thought of the munchkin at the door in the land of Oz who wouldn't let Dorothy and company through when I saw her in the hat.