Sunday, December 14, 2008

That baby has one heavy head!

Not ours! (just didn't want you to assume that she's been born yet)

Have you ever played wii for hours at a time? Oh, I'm not talking about just any wii game... I'm talking about wii sports - track and field. 100m dash. I'm talking about table tennis. Wii Playground's tether ball and dodge ball. Oh yeah... you know what I mean. Swinging your arm at full force to beat your opponent. When your done, nothing. no pain. nothing out of the ordinary. you go to bed and you wake up. everything is fine and dandy... but you go to pick up your toothbrush and then you realize. yep. you've got...You know the feeling. It hurts so bad that you have to call in sick to work the next day. Yep... you got it bad. Take that feeling and multiply it times 10.

That's what you get when you hold your nephew in your arms for 20 minutes without a boppy. Mason's head rested on my arm while he feel asleep. It rested on a muscle that I never knew existed. my arm went dead. no, seriously... dead. Episode of Fox's HOUSE, where they diagnose some wierd medical disease kinda-dead. I was the biggest wuss! For a good 2 hours after he left my arms, I couldn't move mine.

Folks... this doesn't look good for me!

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Steven at Green Dads said...

How about playing WII tennis in your very small living room and accidentally smacking your partner in the face.

Honest Honey, I didn't mean to do it :)