Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yes, I'm officially one of those...

the driver in the right lane that is going 10 miles under the speed limit - for 120 miles.

And yes , I see you. The way you're looking at me as you pass. And yes, I can read lips and sign language as well. Just know that when I smile at you, and point towards the back of the SUV and mouth the word, "baby", I'm thinking of something else I'd like to tell you :)

Today Chris and I headed to the hospital around 11:00 am, to spend time with Kensington before she could be released. When we got to the nursing station, we saw a little one getting a bath, so Chris asked the nurse if it was her. She said it wasn't, but asked if we wanted a "bath-time" demo. After watching that horrific video from the hospital last night, I was a little a little hesitant, but Christopher said that he'd love to.

The nurse wheeled her in and ran through the steps verbally. Funny... you're telling us that same order as everything we've read - which contradicts the video we just saw, but we rolled with it. Glad to know she was the one teaching us.

After the verbal instructions, she says, "Okay. Get to it."

"What? I thought you were going to give us a demo." Chris questions.

"Oh no... I have four kids of my own. I'm not bathing yours. I told you how to do it, now get to it." And so he does. And he did a wonderful job at giving Kensington her first bath. She did ok to.

We then dressed her for her hospital photos. Being that she's so tiny, her newborn outfits are huge on her. None of her socks fit, and the gloves are twice the size of her little hands. The hats that we brought for her hang down to her nose :) So for now, we'll be keeping the small crochet hood to keep her heat in.

Barb, came in around 2:45 and signed the paperwork needed in order for the hosiptal to discharge her and then Kensington came back from picture time. We packed up her little belongings, and headed down to the main entrance. I pulled the truck up and both Barb and Linda, our nurse, nodded and gave their approval that the care seat was installed. We locked her in place, and gave hugs all around.

Kensington slept the entire time in the truck... all three hours.

Chris's brother Mark, along with our sister-in-law Aggie and our 2 1/2 month nephew, Mason, came up from Jersey (they were so excited to come see the baby!).

Lets hope she sleeps as well tonight as she did in the car (keeping our fingers crossed).


Becky said...

I'm pretty sure I've said this a thousand times, but she's so beautiful!! Good luck tonight!!

Michelle said...

That is way too funny. Our first car ride with Kayla was just like that. He drove so slow and gentle and was so paranoid with other drivers and even would yell out, "Hey, I have a baby in here!"

It amazes me how much your journey into fatherhood at this point resembles our journey at that same point.

Kori said...

Such precious memories! I remember bringing home my baby and making my husband drive slow too! LOL