Friday, February 1, 2008

Deal or No deal

Chris and I were in NYC today. While I spent the day working at our Hope Lodge facility, Chris was visiting with Seb, who flew in from California for a couple days. After a visit to Stout, we headed to dinner at "Borough Food and Drink" with Sebs and Alyssa. It was great seeing Seb again. Though the visits are few and far between - seeing that we're on opposites coastlines - each time it seems like it's a normal everyday occurrence. After dinner, Chris leaned over and made me a “baby name” deal. Lets see if:
1) he remembers
2) he follows through
3) he denies it ever happening (ha ha ha ha)

1 comment:

Regan said...

What's the deal? He gets 1st name, you get middle? You get 1st baby, he gets 2nd? He gets to name if baby's a boy, you do if baby's a girl? I love these deals! We had them too. I'm Susan Shale's daughter. She works at ATT with your partner. I love your site and you guys are in my prayers!