Friday, February 8, 2008

Official Members of "The Baby-Sitters Club"

Tonight Chris is at Mary Cay's in Easton. I had a late night meeting so I decided to go straight home and not add an additional hour to my already 2 hr commute.

Since we announced our adoption journey, people are willing to help us by loaning their kids to us so we can get use to the diaper changing and feeding/burping routine with their own young ones ;0) I think we're booked with gigs until November 2012.

MC left for Florida and we will have Mollie (10) and Meggy (8) until Monday (okay... so they are not in the diaper changing stages - - I hope). Chris spent the evening with them at their basketball game and tomorrow when they get out of school, he’ll pick them up and they’ll spend the weekend at our house. Chris already made the first mistake of the experience. He was yelling for Meggy as she was going up to make a hoop (that is the correct sports term, right???). Then he hooted and hollered when it went in. It’s a non-competitive, non-yelling league that doesn't even keep score (which, btw, I'm loving. who needs the pressure of winning a sporting event when they're not in High School yet. It's all about learning the game first). He received the look of death by all others attending the game. Oops. Thank God it wasn't me... I would have brought the pom-poms.

Lets see what tomorrow brings…

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Regan said...

OMG! I love that story! Those leagues are nice, btw. Oh, and if you're looking to change diapers, I have a surly 2.5 year old daughter who states she's, "just a baby," so she can't wear underwear yet. She can be picked up at Susan's desk at AT&T any Friday. I'll throw in her 5 year old brother for kicks, lol!