Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Now calling number 127,442...

U.S. statistics show than in recent years, up to 127,441 couples/individuals chose to adopt and go through a home study review. I guess we are officially #127,442.

We heard back from an agency that has agreed to do our home study with us. Being that we are not within 30 miles of a major metropolitan area, we have to pay a additional fees cover the cost of travel time, etc. No biggie.

Chris spoke with one of the representatives and explained our story and where we are at in the process with our adoption agency. She was very open and made it a point to state that their agency has experience in same-sex parent adoptions and was excited that we had chosen them to partner with.

The initial materials are in the mail and we should be receiving them any day now. Over the coming days, we will schedule our physicals, arrange our financial documents and request a Police/Criminal Record Check.

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Joanne said...

Congratulations. How exciting!
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