Saturday, February 9, 2008

O-M-G, L-O-L, B-F-F-L...

God... please let us adopt a boy.

Tonight was the first night Chris and I tag-teamed baby-sitting the Mollie and Meggy duo. I don't know how he did it by himself yesterday, poor thing (ha ha ha ha).

The first 45 minutes was filled with high-pitched screams and acronyms such as OMG, LOL, and BFFL. Well… those were the only ones that I could make out. There were others thrown around that I’m still scratching my head on. Duncan, our black lab, enjoyed Molly’s energy as she spent an hour playing fetch with him, and Gossip, our cat, ran and hid under the bed within the first 5 seconds of them entering the house. It wasn't until the decibel levels returned to normal did she came down to join in the fun.

After we got them settled in we made Gordita’s and sat down for dinner that included conversation topics that I’m sure Chris and I will be spending years talking about – “How was school today?”, “What did you have for lunch?”, “What homework do you have?” etc. After dessert we popped popcorn in the antique-esk home theatre machine (thanks for the Christmas present mom and dad) and watched a PG-13 movie (yes, we’re rebels!) that they claimed they 'watch all the time'… and by the way they were reciting lines and saying, “oh… this is my favorite part coming up”, I guess they were telling the truth.

After the movie, Chris turned on the light show in the Jacuzzi and the girls jumped in. It was a relaxing moment for Chris and the warm water got them tired enough that once they hopped in the bed, they were out like a light.

Two days down… two more to go. I hope we make it! :o)

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