Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daddies Daylight Savings Time...

I don't know about you guys, but this "daddies daylight savings time" change is kicking our butts. It's disrupted Kensington's scheduled naps, feedings, and bedtime... and when those are disturbed, our sleep schedules get out-of-whack.

Chris had to go into the office this morning (he works from home 4 days a week). When this happens, I make sure to cover the night shifts so he can get a good nights sleep because he's up at 5am and out the door by 5:45-6.

So yesterday I tried giving her her naps a half hour early, which would make them really a half hour later (I think... I'm still sleep deprived so I may not be making any sense here). Kensington didn't like that at all... and I paid the price. At 9 pm I gave her a feeding and put her to bed. Then I stayed up until 11:30 (big mistake). She was up at 2. So after another feeding, and about 45 minutes of rocking her back and forth, I thought I got her to sleep. Once I got into bed, she talked to herself for about 30 minutes which kept me up (darn monitor).

At 4:30, there was a thud on the bed. It was Miss Gossip... the cat. She always make a noise when she jumps up.... it could be the effort and force it takes to get her 80lbs body on the bed. Okay... i exaggerate a bit. She's only 60lbs. :)

She waddles up to me and kisses my face and meows. Now... if I would have gotten enough sleep, I would have known it was Gossip. When my mind lead me to was nowhere near reality. I thought it was Kensington. These words honestly came out of my mouth, "Kensi, how did you get out of your crib? You're going to hurt yourself by jumping out of it." All I got was a meow. (Seriously, if you were Gossip, what would you have said?) "I just fed you". Another meow. "Okay baby girl... let's get you another bottle." I lifted her over my shoulder and walked down stairs into the kitchen and proceeded to make a bottle. Mind you... I left my glasses on my night stand. Not that I'm using that as an excuse not to be able to tell the difference between my daughter and my cat, but it should count for SOMETHING.

For those of you that know Gossip, you know she'd normally never stay on my shoulder for long, but with formula just inches away from her, she'd pretend to be the Gerber Baby if it would help her case.

After the bottle is made, I head back upstairs into the Nursery and put Kensi/Gossip on the changing pad. Kensi jumps off to the floor and out the door. That's the moment when I realized something was wrong. Yes folks... it took me that long.

I ended up giving Kensington half the bottle and went back to bed. Kensi stayed sleeping until 8... and so did I.

Wow... what a rough night. Let's hope Duncan doesn't jump on the bed tonight and I try to put a diaper on him.


jaysinwantsu03 said...

Boy I can't wait LOL...U sound like you really need some sleep...I'm enjoying it while I have it right now..

Bobby said...

I love it. Twice a year we get to watch the rest of the country adjust to the time change. In Arizona we don't have daylight savings time; we're on Mountain Standard all the time. Of course the trade off is you live in a backwards red state, but hey, at least it's beautiful in the desert!

Anonymous said...

Kensi must be really hairy poor thing, wax on wax off
love ya,
Sue Yerega

Stacey said...

This just completely made my day :)

Isabella said...

LOL! What sleep deprivation will do to you. Great story. :)

Rachel said...

That post made me lol. By the way, does Kensi's dolly in the picture have a name?

Jen and Kara said...

You two have lots of great posts, but this might be my favorite yet! I can picture myself someday doing the same thing with our weiner dog!