Sunday, March 8, 2009

Delayed Valentines Day Pics...

Now that Kensington is starting to get out of the house more, we haven't been as diligent to post pictures of her and her adventures as much as we use to. My bad. When transferring over our pictures fro the camera to the external drive, I noticed the pictures from Valentines weekend didn't get uploaded onto the site. Well, here they are. Hope you enjoy :)

These are from our dinner outing at Rudy & Jorge's. Here are there gorgeous kids - Christina, Frankie and Bennie.

Kensington is loving laying on Jorge. Come on guys... go for a fourth :)

Unfortunately, we had to call it an early night and we left the diaper bag next to the garage door and didn't notice until we were getting out of the truck. I now have the 'prop list' taped to the door to ensure that everything is packed before our next outing.

These are from the next morning when MaryCay, Mollie and Meggy came over. For those new to the site, visit here to get a recap of the fabulous M2 adventures.


dhg said...

so great to see marycay and her girls with your little girl!

marycay said...

M2 will be glad to see that they finally made it on the blog!