Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vaccination time...

This past week, Kensington received her first round of vaccination shots. While I won't go into the details of the visit, I will say that it pained me to see her cry - and bleed a little - after getting two shots (one in each leg). At the visit, they also weighed and measured our little chickpea, and sh'es growing up so fast. She's now weighing in at 10lbs, 12oz and is 22 inches long.

She sleep for almost 2 days straight after getting her shots. While we would NEVER complain about her sleeping, we don't want her sleeping because of chemicals in her body :(

The doctor told us to watch her left leg, the one that got the TDap shot (the one that made me whine like a baby for three days when I got it in December), for any swelling or pain, and if needed to give her some Tylenol. The good thing was, while it bruised a little, she was showing no signs of swelling or discomfort. Not looking forward to going through this again next month.

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ciara said...

pretty soon you'll be a pro at it...we never like to see our babies cry (i don't even now when my kids are 21, 12, 10). let me just say, it's gonna get harder when she gets older...hard to see their feelings get hurt, or a boy they like doesn't like them back, etc. hope i didn't scare you. lol but ya know what? it's all worth it....having kids is the best thing ever.